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Digital Forensics

Mobile Device Recovery & Forensics

We can help you with forensic investigations and data recovery from more than 31,000 working and non-working Apple iOS and Android mobile devices profiles, including smartphones, tablets, cellular phones, smartwatches and portable GPS devices.

Forensic Data Recovery

Forensic data recovery from all types of digital storage device including Server, NAS, SAN, RAID volumes, PC, laptop USB hard drives, CCTV storage, mobile devices and memory sticks where specialized data recovery tools, equipment, software and skills are required to extract potential digital evidence.
Whether your storage device is suffering from an electro-mechanical failure, firmware corruption, hidden data in the service areas or password-protection our team of professionals will do all that is in our power to help you recover any potential evidence.

Typical Forensic Recovery And Investigation Scenarios:

  • Extraction of potential evidence from faulty as well as physically damaged storage devices including dropped, power surge, fire and water damaged devices.
  • Extraction of service area data (firmware), using factory access mode, that may be used to store data, malware, spyware etc.
  • Extraction of other non-addressable areas, using factory access mode, for example, media cache, that may contain data no longer available on the storage device.
  • Removal of BIOS and storage device passwords.
  • Password discovery and decrypting of firmware (hardware) encrypted storage devices.

Digital Forensic Investigations

Our field of expertise includes the following:

  • Windows OS, Apple Mac and Linux Forensics
  • Mobile Device Forensics (Android and IOS devices – cellular phones, smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, Kindle, Media devices, SIM cards etc.)
  • Blockchain Forensics (Cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Web3)
  • Incident response (IR)
  • Ransomware Forensics
  • Forensic data recovery – data extraction from faulty, encrypted and difficult-to-access storage devices
  • Remote Digital Forensics
  • Covert Monitoring & Forensics
  • Ex-Employee Data Acquisition
  • Departing Employee Forensics
  • Network Forensics
  • Email Forensics (MS Exchange, Outlook, Gsuite, Gmail, Office 365, Lotus notes etc.)

Cloud Forensics (Apple, Amazon Web Services (AWS),, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Lyft, Mega, Twitter, Uber, WhatsApp, G Suite, Gmail, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Office 365 Sharepoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Slack

  • Snapchat and Yahoo) – * Require admin or user credentials depending on the service
  • Drone (UAV) Forensics
  • Memory Forensics (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Email Forensics (Outlook, Microsoft 365 Email, G Suite, MS Exchange, Gmail, Lotus Notes etc.)
  • Database Forensics (MSSQl, MYSQL etc.)

CCTV Recovery, Forensics and Video Enhancement

Advanced data recovery, digital media forensic investigations, footage format conversion (from a proprietor to a standard video format), clean-up and enhancement from video storage devices (hard disk drives, SSD etc.) used in closed-circuit television (CCTV) or other video surveillance digital recording devices irrespective of the condition of the storage device or potential data loss situation.